Our Commitment

At Blue Ivy House, we firmly believe that access to nourishing meals is a fundamental right. Our commitment is to make quality, hot meals accessible to all, regardless of age or location. Here is how we are making it happen:

1. Senior Community Services:
We understand the unique needs of our senior community, and we have tailored our meal services to provide them with hot nutritious meals at affordable prices. Our senior meal plans prioritize quality, affordability and convenience. At a challenging time such as Covid-19 we are especially proud to be able to support our local senior community with the convenience of not having to go out to buy the food they need.

2. School Lunch Programs:
Blue Ivy House partners with local schools to provide nutritious hot meals for students. We believe that good food fuels growing minds, and we are proud to support the educational journey of our youth. Affordability and convenience in time saved for the parents are also what make our food services unique.

3. Food Truck Adventures:
For the adventurous foodie in you, Blue Ivy’s food trucks partners are here to serve up exciting and budget-friendly culinary delights. From local favorites to global cuisines, our food trucks partners bring a diverse array of flavors to our neighborhood, with the added delight of convenience.

Our Partners

Here are the organizations we currently work with.